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Rats, Lice and History

by Hans Zinsser

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Dates Covered: -
ISBN: 0316988960
HH Rating: 5stars

Our Take

If you only buy one book from this site, buy this one -- one of our most popular offerings. Written at the turn of the century, it hasn't become a whit less interesting or funny. Hans Zinsser just goes nutty, rambling about rats, typhus, the Roman Empire, lice, and everything. You can't read it in one sitting, because you'll have to keep taking breaks to ice down your stomach -- it's a gutbuster. Not in a large men falling down kind of way, but in a dry Victorian sort of way. Even better because you learn so much - this book is a classic microbiology textbook to boot. Our favorite foonote was associated with a word I'd never heard -- it said, "If the reader does not know the meaning of this word, that is unfortunate."


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