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In our long colorful history we've never had anyone ask us why we do this stuff. But we still feel obliged to tell you.

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From time to time, people write to us here at History House asking how they can help contribute. We appreciate the sentiment; after all the prospect of slaving for days on a witty piece about a lesser known historical episode for which no one will praise you is certainly compelling. If you're clever, strange or witty enough to write for us, we'd love to hear from you. Most don't succeed -- it's harder than it looks. Send us a sample of your writing, or better yet, a sample of something you'd write for History House -- a story, book review, anything. Send it to and we'll let you know whether you're a frog or a prince. Everything you send will become the property of History House Inc.


We love advertisers. Someone has to pay the bills around here. If you're interested in reaching an overeducated audience with a lot of spare time on their hands, shoot an email to

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